Cannabis Consulting Services

If you have questions about retail cannabis - we are here to help.


We provide a full suite of services including design and construction. We can take your store from concept to complete while making sure all the bases are covered when it comes to security, safe room requirements, point of sale, permitting, and everything in between.

If your store is already built, we also offer regulatory and cannabis purchasing consulting. Recreational cannabis regulations come with a steep learning curve. Take the guess work out of it, we've been there, let us help you navigate the unfamiliar waters.

With any new industry comes the requirement for innovation. We can help your team by developing custom tools and software you need to optimize your retail operation. We offer full web, software, and app development. 


How do you want your shop to look? We can help you get from concept to completion. 


Experience with over 10 retail builds. Competitively priced with second to none industry experience.


Canadian recreational cannabis regulations comes with a steep learning curve. We are happy to help get you on your way.


From web design to custom software and digital menus. If you have problems we have more than likely come up with a solution.